Plant Construction

Plant Construction

Site preparation for the start of construction works commenced in May 2015, with the clearance of existing structures and the establishment of temporary construction offices and laydown areas.

Construction works commenced in August 2015 which completed mid-2017 with the Plant entering commercial operations in January 2019.

A number of mitigation measures were agreed with Thurrock Council and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to ensure local resident disturbance impact preventative measures were at the forefront of TGP’s construction strategy.

Such measures included:

  • Restrictions on the timing of any construction works which could exceed background noise levels.
  • Restriction on the timing of impact pile driving.
  • Dampening of ground to reduce dust generation.
  • Wheel washing of vehicles as they left the construction site.
  • Establishment of noise, dust and vibration limits at a number of monitoring locations within the local community throughout the construction period.
  • Designated routes for delivery vehicles.
  • Deliveries to avoid morning and evening peak times wherever possible.

The Plant construction timeline is outlined below.