About the Project

About The Project

In 2009, following the submission of an independent Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and extensive consultation, the Secretary of State granted consent for the construction and operation of the Tilbury Green Power waste wood fuelled power plant. The Plant is located within the Port of Tilbury, Essex.

The Project comprises two separate phases of development: Phase 1 is a ca. 40 MW waste wood power plant; and Phase 2 is a ca. 20 MW Solid Recovered Fuel power plant.

As no decision has been made on whether to proceed with Phase 2, this website focuses on the Phase 1 development only – the ca. 40 MW waste wood power plant.

Construction of Phase 1 commenced in August 2015 and will be completed in mid-2017. It will utilise around 270,000 tonnes of waste wood sourced from the region to produce up to 319,000 MWh of renewable electricity each year – enough to supply around 97,000 average homes.

TGP’s investment of £175m in the Project will create up to 420 jobs during the construction phase, and up to 50 permanent jobs during operation of the Plant.

The project will play a valuable role in contributing to the UK’s renewable energy targets, waste reduction targets and energy security objectives.

TGP is committed to maximising the local and regional benefits of the Plant through the:

  • Promotion of job opportunities within the local area;
  • Promotion of equipment and material supply opportunities within the local area;
  • Creation of apprenticeship opportunities during the operational phase of the Plant where possible; and
  • Promotion of the Project’s sustainable and renewable values through local school and community group visits.